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Austin Bitzas Reverse Warrior Yoga Pose


Secret Yogi



Unlock Your Superpowers through Yoga


We are working on a top "Secret" project.

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Life as a Secret Yogi

Interviews & Interactive Episodes by those Embodying their Inner Secret Yogi. Sharing Thought Provoking Conversations.


Each Episode is Paired with an Interactive Guest Guided Practice Just for You.  New Releases Every Monday so Make Sure to Subscribe.

"Remember it's not the things you do on your yoga mat that makes the biggest difference" - Austin Bitzas, Host

So let's talk about it...

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   the Secret Yogi Society

We all have a heroic self, our inner source, that we can cultivate through the tools of yoga & meditation, breath work, energy work, animal assisted therapy & related practices.


Although, you do not need to be a stereo typical "yogi" to embody your heroic self.

It is how we act off our yoga mats that makes the greatest difference.


Therefore, we shall call our heroic self our Secret Yogi. 


We in turn make our seemingly ordinary world extraordinary.


Yoga & related disciplines unlock our "superpowers".


Our “super powers” being mindfulness, awareness, love, focus, creating happiness from within & feeling great in a body that we love.  


We utilize yoga & related practices as tools to complement other disciplines (running, snowboarding, art, music, martial arts, business, golf, swimming, cycling, parenthood etc) or simply daily life.


We in turn make life beautiful! 

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Austin Bitzas

Yoga Teacher, Founder & Host

Devyn Davis

Yoga Teacher & Occasional Co-Host


Buddha the  Boss

Nature's Teacher & Avid Hiker

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Olaf 5.15.jpg

Olaf the Guru

Therapy Dog in Training

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Lego the Lizard

Natures Teacher